Fuel Efficient SUV’s

A recent customer of ours was looking for an SUV that could seat 7 people but still be fuel efficient.  In my mind that’s an oxymoron but thanks to this site below, some actually do exist!!

If you are looking for any size SUV and want to know which ones will save you money on gas, check out this site!


It’s nice to know that we can still haul the same amount of stuff and be less harmful to the environment. The education continues!

If you have an SUV on this list, please post your thoughts and experiences!

Alyssa At Motorphilia

2009 Lexus RX 350


2 Responses to Fuel Efficient SUV’s

  1. Jacob says:

    Speaking of cars you didn’t think got good mileage, are there any sports cars that can book it when you want but still have good gas mileage when you’re cruising around town?

  2. MOTORPHILIA says:

    Actually it appears there are some! Check out this site below:


    But if you are spending this kind of money on a car, are you really concerned about good gas mileage? I don’t think these are the kind of cars you take on long road trips so the mpg’s shouldn’t be as much of a concern. Or are you asking from an environmentally friendly point of view? If so, good job! Hopefully one day they will make cars that go just as fast using alternative fuel sources!

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