New to Motorphilia and the car world!

How much do you know about cars? Are you a car fanatic? What percentage of car fanatics are women? Is it possible to become a fanatic in your late 20s or is it too late for you?!!

I am a female in my late 20s and up to this point have not been a car fanatic.  Actually, I’ve never really been interested or that into cars my whole life. So isn’t it quite odd that now I am working in the car industry?!!  I met Aaron when I purchased my car from him.  Shortly after I found out he was needing a business manager to help with the office tasks.  As I have a degree in Business Admin and Finance from UT, I thought it sounded like the perfect job!

I’ve been working for Aaron and Motorphilia now for 3 weeks and really enjoying it! I think his business model is fascinating and am excited to learn more. It’s also getting me more interested in cars by just listening to his knowledge and going to the dealer auto auctions.  Who knew there were so many different makes and models and differences in the models from year to year!  I’ve even learned that just because it might be a Jaguar, it may have Ford parts! Do most people know these things?! I’ve got a lot of learning and catching up to do!

Through this blog I would like to share what I am learning and how I am progressing with my auto education.

Please feel free to help in my education and post links or facts you think a car newbie should or needs to know!! You can also find me on Facebook and post stuff on my wall.

Alyssa At Motorphilia

1885 Benz Patent Motorwagen

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