FedEx agrees . . . Bear will beat the Ninja!

December 20, 2007

How awesome! In a recent FedEx comercial, the Ninja vs. Bear question is asked. This really is the greatest hypotheical fight ever . . . can you think of something better?

Here’s the clip, enjoy 🙂

Ninja vs. Grizzly Bear — this would be the coolest fight ever!

December 20, 2007

So for months I’ve been pondering the question, “who would win in a fight? Ninja vs. Bear?”

So here’s what I’ve concluded . . . .

I’m going to side with the bear. . . he has incredible strength, amazing speed, 8″ claws, he’s very tough (hunters have been known to fire 20 to 30 high caliber rounds into these creatures and still not take them down), weighs about 8 times more than an adult male, can cover 100 yards in 7 seconds or less, he can climb trees, has phenomenal endurance, and he also has a very unpleasant temperament and finds people tasty.


The ninja does have a sword and some nasty little devices to aid him along with his speed, stealth, and deadly skill . . . but fact of the matter is that these devices are made for people who are a similar size to him . . . not large, powerful feral beasts who are 8 times his size.


The ninja would probably last a good while against the bear, but one good strike from the bear would be enough to end this man.


It’s very likely that this would happen too, because the ninja would be forced to fight a bear up close.


Given the bear’s thick fur, hide, and layers of insulating fat, our ninja’s throwing implements would do little more than just anger the beast – and really wouldn’t harm him.


The ninja would probably be able to evade the bear’s attacks for a brief amount of time, but he would eventually tire where the bear would more than likely sustain its energy for a longer period.

It’s unlikely that the ninja could use his stealth as an asset against the bear because the bear has a sense of smell that is 1000’s of times greater that a human, added to this advantage, he also has better hearing and sight as well.


The bear would know the ninja presence and position well before he could get close enough to land the already difficult lethal blow.


Nevertheless, the fight would be awesome . . . probably the coolest thing ever!

Well, it definitly wouldn’t suck.